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Since its inception, COPAN has always been a solidly family-run business. From its modest beginnings in the small town of Mantua, Italy, to its current status as a notably international company, COPAN is continuously striving to provide uniquely innovative products on a global level. We are fully committed to our customer service and high quality standards. Founded in 1979, by the late Giorgio Triva, the company began as a distributor and manufacturer of various laboratory products. 1982 came in and Daniele Triva, Girogio oldest son, took over the reins as General Manager, and eventually became CEO. A chemical engineer specializing in Biotechnology Processing, Daniele was a paramount power to adopting technological advances in pre-analytics. COPAN’s WASP®-DT is named after its brilliantly many-sided and charismatic inventor. Daniele passed away in 2014 leaving progress in the course of time. Stefania Triva now serves as CEO of COPAN Italia. Triva's family business is constantly managed with vison and awarness to corporate responsability. COPAN is sure to reach higer heights as it continues to be a worldwide trailblazer.

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