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Investing in private companies today is easy. Thanks to our Syndication you will have a wide choice of companies to invest in and become a partner, selected by our pool of experts: LEAD INVESTORS. You can invest as a Business Angel online in high-growth potential companies.

Watch the president of "Fondo Italiano di Investimento":
Innocenzo Cippolletta


Lead Investors

To evaluate an investment is not an easy task. That's why TWO HUNDRED created the first italian network of LEAD INVESTORS to co-invest in private companies through equity crowdfunding! Thanks to their experience, their network and investment choices, you will have the opportunity to invest in well chosen companies.


A good selection of high growth potential companies


Well structured relationships with other LEAD INVESTORS


A provable track record of good investments


Contact point between company and investors by taking care of every updates


LEAD INVESTOR professional attitude is passed on to the company


LEAD INVESTORS' experience is available to investors as well


A network of experienced investors who support startups in their growth after a campaign. Here are some of our Lead Investors.

Certified Incubator

Digital Magics is a real 'business booster' not only for companies already in the portfolio, but also for new startups.

Venture capital

Founded by successful entrepreneurs and serial business angels with the main purpose of creating value by supporting new emerging entrepreneurs.

Financial holding

Focused on the technology field, Pariter Partners builds and shapes ideas of alternative investments with highly differentiated strategies.

Are you a Lead Investor?

Upload the documentation to be certified as Professional Investor, and if you are not one, you can still create your investment portfolio as Lead Investor: you'll get to discover companies' pitch in advance!

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Successful rounds

Pariter Partners

Checkout Technologies

Investi in Checkout Technologies e costruisci il negozio del futuro.
105k € raccolti
30 investitori


Eggup è il SaaS (Software as a Service) per l'analisi delle soft skills individuali e di team.
225k € raccolti
12 investitori


Siamo il 1° portale di incontro fra Aziende e Talenti Under 20 sui Lavori del Futuro!
200k € raccolti
10 investitori


Con un ampio catalogo, offerte flash-sales e gli innovativi abbonamenti, WeBeers è il portale dove acquistare le migliori birre artigianali
250k € raccolti
28 investitori

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