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Installment payments to purchase on e-commerce, financed by private investors in a peer to peer marketplace
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Innovative Startup
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2.214.400 € raised
FUNDED 277 %
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First and foremost, Soisy is a group of people passionate about finance and technology. After many years of corporate experience, in 2015 we left our jobs and founded Soisy in order to make digital financing easy and convenient. 

Soisy provides a new way of making digital payments: in 2017 we decided to focus exclusively on customers purchasing on e-commerce and we did so by introducing an API-based payment method with an easy and straightforward user experience. 

The decision to focus on these customers only was not easy but it paid us back with immediate success. Since May 2017, we have grown by more than 30 times and we are now on more than 180 e-commerce sites, like ePRICE, Diadora Fitness, and Emma Materasso

In 2018 we were selected by Startupbootcamp, a major global accelerator, from amongst 541 participants from all over the world as one of the 10 startups of their Fintech & Cybersecurity program. 

Startupbootcamp is still one of our shareholders along with major Italian entrepreneurial ventures such as Namirial, Soleto, Flowing and fintech experts such as Tommaso Gamaleri of Younited Credit. 

Soisy is also a Payment Institution authorized by the Bank of Italy.

It is a tech company and not a bank, in fact all of our loans are financed by private investors, lending their savings in order to gain an annual gross return between 4% and 8%

We manage the marketplace to match the investments to the loan requests but, more importantly, we screen the e-commerce customers with a proprietary online model, to minimize the risk for our investors

We are now launching a € 2.5 million crowdfunding campaign with the objective of consolidating our leadership in this market and reaching breakeven in 2021.

Joining the campaign means becoming part-owners of Soisy and we believe there are 5 great reasons to do so:

  1. the results that we have achieved, that is a fourfold growth in the last 12 months;
  2. the market size and the absence of real competitors in Italy, which means we will be able to keep growing in the future;
  3. our business model based on marketplace, that means we can finance loans in a flexible and scalable manner and, even more important, at lower costs;
  4. our team has strong management experience, a deep knowledge of finance and technology, strengthened by the experience of pivoting the previous business model;
  5. an open governance based on widespread management, which solves some of the key issues of scaling: bottlenecks in decision making and finding adequate managerial roles.

The Problem

46% of Italians purchase online but only few of them pay in instalments. Yet, every year a whopping € 23 billion is financed in brick-and-mortar shops, even excluding car loans. 

The reason for this gap is the first problem we solve: there is no effective solution for e-commerce installment payments available on the market; the existing options are either

  • hard for the e-commerce to integrate; 
  • slow and complicated for the customers.

This is a true pain point for e-commerce and will become increasingly more relevant with the shift from offline to online purchases

Our decision to create a marketplace rather than a bank led us to the second problem we solve: traditional investments such as term deposits and bonds have a very low yield, often close to zero.

The Solution

Soisy’s solution is a marketplace that allows a match between loans demand and supply. 

For the installment payments on e-commerce, we offer a solution that

  • is easy to integrate via API;
  • lets the user pay in instalments from a PC or smartphone with a simple and straightforward user experience

Our solution is the most exhaustive on the market and the only one that allows e-commerce shops to integrate via restful API and manage the amount and duration of the loan. 

This is reflected in the results we have achieved:

  • 4-fold revenue growth in the last 12 months;
  • 7.500 financed customers, of which 900 in September;
  • 180 active e-commerce, including ePrice, Diadora, EF, Agrieuro.
  • the trust score that we receive from independent reviews on Trustpilot: 4.8 out of 5 against 1.6 of the best competitor.

We give investors the opportunity to finance installment purchases in the marketplace and to gain a return between 4% and 8%

To reduce risk, we also offer a Guaranteed investment scheme which caps the returns at 4%, but offsets missed payments due to insolvencies. 

Soisy’s investments are the only ones that let investors finance customers’ online purchasing, hence with a low credit risk. The importance of this value proposition is shown by the constant increase in the number of investors, with a very low acquisition cost.

Market and competitors

Our reference market is online purchases: more than €40 billion of transactions in Italy, €4.5 billion of which are suitable for an installment payment solution. It is therefore a huge market and always expanding, as purchases shift from the physical to the digital world.

There are various players in the competitive landscape; however, none of them has our unique positioning.

On the loans side, no bank offers a tech solution comparable to ours in terms of ease of integration and customer user experience.

On the investment side, no other marketplace gives the opportunity to invest in loans for customers who are purchasing online, a type of loan with a very profitable risk-return rate.

In summary, we are in a position to explore a huge market with few competitors, an ideal situation often referred to as blue ocean in the startup language and which reminds of the vastly explorable space (as opposed to red sea, which refers to a small space where many competitors fight). 

Business Model

Soisy addresses 3 targets of clients and therefore earns

  • an approximate 1.8% fee from the borrowers on each financed loan;
  • an approximate 1.5% fee from the e-commerce on each transaction;
  • a 10% interest fee from the investors on disbursed interests.

Our business model has been validated over the last 30 months by more than 7,500 borrowers, 180 e-commerce sites, and 900 active investors.

The investors’ marketplace is one of the strengths of Soisy as it brings 3 main advantages:

  • lower costs due to the reduced level of regulation, greater transparency and the separation between the usage of debt and equity;
  • easier to scale because it is based on the match between demand and supply;
  • safer for the financial system as it doesn’t bring all the risks of a traditional bank.

One of the immediate consequences of our business model is high marginality: at the present moment Soisy’s processes are still manual but the coming automation enhancements will generate loan origination margins above 75%. This means that out of €100 of revenues, €75 will be straight profit once all the costs are deducted, costs such as Credit Bureau calls and banking fees.


We are operating in a big and growing market with a product significantly better than our competitors’. Our top priority is to reach break-even in the shortest possible time by growing the loan volumes and optimizing the variable costs. 

The second priority is to further expand our reference market by serving more customers. For example, we are evaluating the option of entering the small-ticket space (€100), ultra short term (1 month) and instant approval (2 minutes at most) and we will explore this opportunity to better satisfy the needs of e-commerce. 

Our product has growth potential in other markets too: the European market is 15 times bigger than the Italian one, the American one is even bigger. However, after some research conducted in Amsterdam with Startupbootcamp, we decided to focus on Italy until we reach break even, in order not to overstretch capital on too many initiatives.

On the investors’ side, we will continue to rely on the word of mouth, SEO, and PR, which brought us 84% of our investors at minimal acquisition costs. As already tested in the past, we shall use advertisement only occasionally given that the acquisition cost on this channel (approximately €800) is significantly lower than the life time value brought by the client (approximately €1800). Lastly, in the second half of 2020, we will have a sufficient track record to appeal and open the platform to institutional investors.

The additional investments needed for this growth phase are on the team: we want to expand the sales team and the product team with 2 new people.

We can already rely on 2 very relevant strengths for Soisy:

  • the team, which has a deep knowledge in finance and technology and went through the most relevant experience you can have in a startup: a pivot, which means a radical shift in the business model in 2017;
  • a business organisation based on interchangeable roles and shared decision making, which is very suitable to solve bottlenecks that companies normally encounter when scaling.

Financial Projection

We expect to reach break even in 2021 with:

  • annual financing of €60 million in new loans;
  • €2.2 million in revenues derived from commissions;
  • €0.7 million in variable costs related to the loans’ volumes;
  • €0.7 million in marketing investment;
  • €0.4 million in fixed costs (compliance, administration, etc…);
  • €0.4 million in investments (product development).

As the revenues and costs structure have already been validated, achieving break-even is dependent mostly on the growth rate, which we are projecting at +170% year-on-year

The capital need necessary to reach breakeven is approximately €1.2 million; however, we want to raise up to €2.5 million to have greater flexibility and at least 24 months of independence in each scenario.



We are giving the opportunity to purchase 63.000 shares at a € 40 price per share. Investors will be able to buy from a minimum of 10 up to a maximum of 25,000 shares (investing therefore from €400 to €1,000,000):

  • investors with at least €30,000 in capital will have ordinary shares with voting rights;
  • other investors will have class C shares with no voting rights.

We foresee a reward connected to our investment product:

  • those who become a Soisy shareholder investing between €5,000 and €29,999, will obtain 3 months of reimbursement on investment taxes made on our marketplace lending platform (the investments in social lending are taxed at 26% and Soisy will substitute the tax);
  • those who invest more than €30,000 will instead receive 6 months of tax reimbursement.

The investors will cash in the return through one of these “exit” options: a stock exchange listing or the sale of Soisy.

Our main objective is a stock exchange listing after reaching break-even in 2021. In this scenario, shareholders will own easily exchangeable shares and the value of the company will be based on the size and growth rate.

Soisy already has the formal requirements to list in the Euronext’s Access+ market and, in the event that we raise €2.5 million through this campaign, we will also have all requirements for the Growth market.

An alternative exit path would be the sale to players that can accelerate Soisy’s growth such as:

  • banks or consumer finance companies looking to expand in the digital space;
  • foreign lenders specialized in the online world looking to enter the Italian market;
  • other players in the digital payments space.

Such a transaction could happen prior to break-even as the value sought after by the potential player would be the opportunity to accelerate Soisy’s growth thanks to the customer base and other synergies.

Soisy shall not pay dividends prior to the breakeven, however the shares can be freely sold. The sale value will be based on the value in the most recent capital raise (it increased from €10 to €40 per share) and the growth rate.

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