Oilalà Biodinamico

Traditional SME
Apulian company of extra virgin olive oil founded in 2010, with a Premium Brand with a presence in 22 countries in target super Ho.re.ca.
Food & Drink
Traditional SME
149.000 € raised
FUNDED 149 %
149.000 € raised
FUNDED 149 %
35 investors

(130.500 € confirmed)

Pre-money valuation
6.93 %
Post-money shares
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A family business founded in 2010, sells in 22 countries around the world with an
internationally recognized premium brand. Our offer is diversified in 50 products, which are
present in the best Fine Food Shops and used by the chefs of the best gourmet
restaurants with a turnover of almost 1 million €. Through an offer of exclusive products
based on our Monocultivar olive oils, we aim to distinguish ourselves for a high level of
quality, customer service and "tailor-made" services.

Since 2016 we are back in the list of the top 50 oil producers in the world. Our oil is
internationally award-winning.

The Problem

The extra virgin olive oil segment is static, there are no real innovations.
Aggressive cultivation techniques used dry up the soil.

The Solution

Monocultivar extra virgin olive oil from biodynamic agriculture: a holistic approach that care
about the soil and the life that develops on it as a single system.

New go to market through specialized brand ambassadors.

Market and competitors

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil is growing. In some countries and for some
consumers (the richest and the most educated) the qualitative attributes of the product
begin to take on a growing role in purchasing decisions.

Business Model

Innovative model in the B2B segment of premium food: prepared company sellers,
marketing strategies to support sales, integrated logistics with reduced environmental
impact, with dedicated and personalized delivery, immediate payments through innovative
digital systems.


We want to be innovators in the distribution network and in sales channels.

Together with Emerge, Milan-based start up and eminent hub for the meeting between
international buyers and producers of excellent Italian food and wine, we will create a
winning business model for small and medium-sized farms, which intend to penetrate the
Italian and international market by laying the foundations for exponential growth.

Financial Projection

The company in recent years has had an average growth rate of almost 20%, working
mainly with foreign customers. In the last year we started to consolidate the Italian market
and in just 7 months we acquired 200 new Italian accounts, with a turnover of € 200k.

We have built a network of agents present in 7 Italian regions and 3 area managers. Our
current business will grow with a medium-term estimate of at least 30%.

We expect a real growth with the business generated by the new investment of € 400k, as
well as business investments, and we will focus on two directives: the development plan
envisages the acquisition of over 200 new accounts in the first year (Italy and Germany)
with an incremental turnover generated of almost 1.5 million euros.

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