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42 Investitori interessati
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Artune #ArtsForEveryone is the first app that allows you:


  • to create or become part of an art community in which you can explore, share and exchange views on artists, galleries, collectors, and favorite curators;
  • to buy/sell works of art at your fingertips in complete safety;
  • to give visibility to your works and meet new or established talents.


Born from the passion for the arts, the creative flair of a global team with an international experience, Artune represents the meeting point for all the art addicted, from Italy to China, and through America. The art addicted can finally use a single platform, every time and everywhere, to share their experiences, follow the top players in the market, meet each others, exchange opinions, and even sell or buy works of art with a simple click. 

The mission of the Artune team comes from a global background and a focus on technological evolution with the changes that it is making in the art market.


“The world is changing quickly, and we believe that technology will bring a great change also in the art world. We think that Artune is the immediate and innovative solution that art lovers are looking for.”  Guido Mologni, CEO & Founder of Artune.

How does it work?


With Artune, you can discover and appreciate the world of art from the perspective of influencers, artists, collectors, museums, foundations, curators, galleries and art lovers in general.

Our content is entirely User-Generated!

You will be the content creator of the platform yourself: you can post on your favorite artists, or on the galleries and art institutions you follow, thus growing your community; you can search for the most popular artists and discover those emerging; you can buy or sell works of art within your network of trusted friends and you can share updates, news and exclusive events concerning the world of art. 




Our points of strength?

  • A development of the TOTALLY in-house technology. We integrate innovative technologies such as Visual Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Decentralized Technology to better serve the artistic community.
  • A solid business model with different revenues: freemium/sales/adv/pay to go
  • An international mindset and team: our team is located all over the world, allowing us to understand and pay more attention to customers.
  • An international presence, especially in the Hong Kong and China markets.
  • Be cultivated at Wework Lab, the incubator of Wework, the largest co-working space in the world, which will soon open in Milan.

Artune: Be a part of the Art Revolution!

The Problem

Digital breakthroughs are changing the game in today’s creative industries: Amazon revolutionized the sale of books, so iTunes took a leap into the music industry and Netflix further entrenched changes in our media usage behavior.

In light of the fundamental social, economic, cultural and technological changes introduced by the digital age, the perception that the art market remains immune seems completely unrealistic. The art world is still based on the Leo Castelli method: the art of selling art. The gallery owner, of Italian origins, brought together a group of new artists and marketed them as brands, establishing the concept of “representation of an artist” by a gallery.

This model, which has remained undisputed for over 50 years, is now in crisis due to the increasingly unsustainable cost of real estate and the buying habits of the new millennials, by now used to traveling and enjoying goods with a more immaterial approach.

The art market needs to be reinvented!


The Solution

Digital transformation technologies like social media have changed the way galleries and artists promote and sell art. With over 3 billion social media users active in the world by 2021, social media offers artists and galleries around the world the chance to reach consumers that they would never have had access to in the past.

Artune is the solution that allows you to be ready to adapt to change with innovative technological solutions, the explosion of digital and e-commerce. We want to expand the market by bringing transparency and dynamism, thus allowing all players to actively participate in the market.


What can you do with Artune?


  1. Content & Social Side:


  • Share: read and share what happens in the world of art;
  • Discover: navigate and learn about every aspect of the art world;
  • Explore: visit galleries, museums and exhibitions of artists of interest;
  • Follow: build your community of art lovers;
  • Seek: find and meet talented young artists;
  • Organize: have everything that interests you just a click away.
  • Chat: connect with your friends and industry experts.


  1. E-commerce Side:


  • Sell works of art: post your work privately to have it discovered by a multitude of friends or a large audience.
  • Buy works of art: through our instant chat you can contact a seller to buy the most beautiful works of art on the market.

Market and competitors


Artune is positioned in a particularly favorable and dynamic market. The art market, in fact, has currently reached its second highest level in ten years. According to the report by Art Basel and UBS, it showed steady and progressive growth from 2016 onwards: it grew by 11% in 2017 and by 6% in 2018, reaching an estimated value of 67.4 billion dollars. Furthermore, the global art market has set a new record in 2018, registering 39.8 million total transactions.

The United States is confirmed as the largest market for art, generating a value of approximately 29.9 billion dollars, or 44% of the global market. In order of magnitude, the United Kingdom and China follow: the former holds a market share of 21%, generating a value of around 14 billion dollars; the second, on the other hand, occupies 19% of the global market, generating a value of about 12.9 billion dollars.


Artune is a global platform: the main objective is to position itself on the most flourishing and dynamic international markets, such as Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and London.

UBS's latest report, in collaboration with Art Basel, highlighted a very favorable trend for Artune's mission and business model: the demand for online purchases of works of art continues to grow. The value of the global online art market has peaked at 6 billion dollars in 2018, growing 11% on an annual basis and representing around 9% of the global art market. E-commerce therefore continues to grow in the art ecosystem, reaching both art galleries and retailers, as well as a large share of art lovers and collectors.

Furthermore, the latest sector studies highlight two trends that are strategic for Artune:

  • The way people access art is changing rapidly.

In the world of art, as well as in traditional e-commerce, the use of mobile devices is growing considerably. In 2014, the percentage of the value of online purchases made through smartphones was 40%, in 2018 it was 59% and is expected to reach 73% in 2021 (eMarketer &, 2018). The smartphone thus could be seen as a protagonist also in the world of art: enthusiasts use it to find, compare and purchase artistic artefacts.

  • Millennials have been revealed as one of the most dynamic categories in the art market, placing themselves as leading players in collecting art in 2018.

According to "The Art Market Report 2019", approximately 93% of the world’s art collecting Millennials (young people aged between 22 and 37) bought a work through an online platform. Those belonging to these categories constitute an excellent target for Artune, since they represent the most technologically advanced segment of the population, as well as the most active part of the internet.


Artune is unique in the art market: among the main competitors on the market, no one else offers the range of services offered by Artune. It is possible to distinguish and categorize the main competitors based on two main features:

User generated content: Instagram, Artland, Saatchi Art.
Marketplace: Artnet, Ocula, Artsy.

These two characteristics can be set separated by two opposite poles: some competitors are simply positioned as social network platforms with content generated by their own community, while others are configured as simple “online exhibition spaces” with the possibility for users to see and buy works of art.

Artune stands as an innovative platform that combines social network features with user-generated content and a market-place exhibition platform.

No competitor is currently able to offer a technological range of this type: the typical features of a social network combined with Escrow Payment, Visual Recognition and Artificial Intelligence technology allow Artune to place itself in an important position in the art market.

Business Model

Artune adopts a Freemium type business model, a tried and tested model typical of major international players such as Spotify. Artune is totally free and accessible to all for the Basic version which is configured as a social network on the world of art at 360 °: users can share artistic content of any kind, scroll through the feed, interact with the community and use the dedicated chat. To access Artune's flagship service, i.e. to be able to buy and/or sell works of art, a Premium package must be signed.

In particular, Artune's business model is based on four different revenue sources:



in addition to the free version, Artune provides two types of premium accounts: a Basic Premium (at 8 euros per month) and a Corporate Premium (50 euros per month). Both forms of Subscription allow users to sell and buy works of art. The Basic Premium is aimed at collectors and art lovers, offers a premium layout, extra features and the possibility of selling works of art

The Corporate Premium is aimed, instead, at professionals and offers the possibility to manage the account in a professional manner through the integration of a Web Dash and access to the Big Data of the platform.



Artune gets a small fee for the purchases that take place on the platform as a percentage on each transaction:

  • 6% to the seller
  • 3% to the buyer



Premium Corporate users can organize "targeted" sponsorship campaigns to reach a large user base.



Artune offers several extra services and accessories to its community:

            Professional Shipping

  • Insurance
  • Framing
  • Educational Services
  • Ticket Office for Exhibitions

* These services are offered through a qualified provider with whom Artune will sign a collaboration contract versus a% commission


With Artune, art is available to everyone.


Thanks to the implementation of technologies fully developed in-house such as


  1. Those already developed:
  • Instant Chat: to make every communication as fast and efficient as possible;
  • Escrow Payments: to ensure maximum security;
  • Artificial Intelligence: data and suggestions that will help you in the purchase;


2What will be developed after the fundraising phase:

  • Visual Recognition: scanning recognition of a work of art to receive information instantly.
  • Decentralization of the system: to promote market transparency;
  • Virtual Reality: art directly at your home

Financial Projection

The main upcoming major investments are:

  • Google Add and Facebook ads to build the brand and acquire customers
  • Organic Growth, through Blog and Seo
  • Offline events to acquire corporate clients
  • UI/UX improvements in order to optimize the user experience
  • IT solutions and new features in order to improve the product

The target is to acquire 4000 users by the end of 2020 with a breakeven point set for 2021.

Why invest in Artune?

  • We invest a large part of our budget in people;
  • In our product, we particularly care about everything concerning beauty, simplicity, elegance and efficiency
  • We are the first on the market because we like revolutions and we have the right ambitions and confidence to make them happen
  • Our App, even in its first version, is stable, user-friendly and ready for launch
  • We have built a solid financial model to understand and clearly implement our revenue model and addressable market
  • We have the right idea, the expertise and the passion necessary for success!
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