What is TIP Ventures?

Tip Ventures is a Crowdfunding platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors.
Companies have a fully committed team of people working along with you, providing the best solution to get the attention of investors
Investing through Tip Ventures is accessible to everybody.

Is Tip Ventures FREE?

Yes it's free to register and participate.
We only charge a commission when your campaign is successful.

Is this another Crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo?

Yes it is a Crowdfunding platform, BUT...NO, it is not like them.

On Tip Ventures people invests on your Company, thus becoming shareholders.

What can I offer to investors?

In addition to the shares for the Investor on Tip Ventures, you can offer special rewards depending on the nature of your project. So investors as well as becoming your partners will also be the first users of your product or service.

It's all-or-nothing model?

Yes all Offerings follow an All-or-nothing model.

This way ensures Investors that a fixed goal needs to be matched and Companies to receive only the money they need to develop their projects and comply with their business plans assumptions.

What is Equity crowdfunding?

It's a fundraising process that allows you to finance your offering in exchange for shares in the share capital of your Company. Any Italian SME's can use the equity crowdfunding, no matter their productive sector.

You set the value (and category) of this shares, at a fixed price. Investors will thus become your partners.

What are Equity Crowdfunding platforms?

Equity Crowdfunding platforms are authorised and regulated by CONSOB (Italian Commision for Financial Conduct Authority).
They are the only ones allowed to receive and publish online campaigns of Companies seeking to raise venture capital.
They are a fundamental element for the financing of Start Up, SME's and ecosystem growth.

Only Innovative Startups and SME's can raise funds on Tip Ventures?

NO, as of today every Italian SME's is allowed to raise funds on Tip Ventures.

The only difference is that only investments in innovative startups and SME's are eligible for a 30% tax deduction.

What is an SME?

The category of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is made up of enterprises which employ fewer than 250 persons and which have an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euro, and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million euro.

In order to raise funds on Tip Ventures these companies must not be trading on any regulated stock market.

What are Innovative SME's?

Innovative SME's are companies that fits on specific innovation requirements, they also benefit from a large part of incentives of Innovative Startups.

You can find a list of Innovative SME's in the section of the Public Companies Register.

What are Innovative Startup?

Italian law has recently introduced a new kind of companies, Innovative startups, which has its business purpose and focus on develope, produce and sell innovative. These companies have various exemptions and other exceptions to provide its investors deductions and tax deductions (you can see more in the section Investors).They are required to publish on its website the information on the budget, on its activity, the founders, staff and other factors listed in the official Law.You can find a list of Innovative Start-Up in the section of the Public Companies Register.


  • Prepare all the documentation to be included in the Offer
  • Prepare a detailed description of the Offer, including all the information requested in the Check-list
  • Prepare a detailed description of the Business. Use this section to tell investors about: the problems that your project could meet, the actions required to solve them, the competitive advantages of your project and much more..
  • Prepare a descriptive Video of your project and be sure to present clearly: who you are, the history of your project, what you ask and what you offer in return.
  • Make sure you have a clear goal of the Budget, divide the different shares you want to make available to investors and give them a value (our team will suggest you the best method).
  • Get ready to spread the news through your network. It’s the first step to receive a support from the Community.


TIP Ventures offers to any Company a neutral and professional selection process, focus in:

  • economic and accounting insights
  • financial plan
  • business and marketing plan  

Each group of analysis involves in a different aspects of business such as: business plan, team composition, financial needs, presence of investors, exit strategy.


TIP Ventures applies a 5%  fee on total raised funds of your project, ONLY if the projects is successful .


TIP Ventures can’t provide protection for your idea and for intellectual property. Sharing projects on Internet gives a great visibility, but you are the only responsible to protect your intellectual property.


NO , if you haven’t buy the rights. Accepting our platform's terms and conditions you agree that the use of material that has not been created by you or which you haven’t received permission to share or use is forbidden. If you need the material , you can consider the possibility of using free of Copyright material (ex material Copyleft ) . Any disputes in the use of material on TIP Ventures , will be treated in compliance with the Italian law on copyright and royalties . Keep in mind that this type of violations result in a high cost legal.


The financial instruments are the stakes in share capital of the Company that is raising funds.


It’s a document that summarizes all information concerning the Offer: the risks of investing, the risk of investing in this company, the risk related to the financial instruments and subscription's conditions.


Keep communication's channels open and answer quickly to the question of investors. Constantly updates your followers, using the Blog of the project, on the progress of collection. Use all the tools provided by the portal, such as Feedback, Control Panel and Videoconference.


NO, after the offer comes the most delicate part in order to build a good reputation for your Company. TIP Ventures offers you unique tools like videoconferencing and the project’s blog so that you can constantly update your new partners, call for new meetings, etc. Remember that this is a mid to long term relationship and your partners will want to stay in touch with you; TIP Ventures will provide the tools to do it.


It consists in the offer’s economic goal. Should be split into parts (and classes of units), which are subscribed by investors at a fixed price. The maximum amount is 5 million €.


To make an efficient and secure service, the portal offers an “Educated Path to Investment" for any investor who approaches for the first time to invest in the Equity Crowdfunding. This process allows you to understand the nature of financial instrument subject of the offers on this portal.


Absolutely YES, each offer allows the exercise of withdrawal right, up to seven days after the date of the order or the notification of a new information.


The companies Articles of Incorporations, are always proof-checked by us as for the Consob regulations, and ALWAYS includes a tag-along right in favor of all the shareholders. If a majority shareholder sells his take, it gives the minority shareholder the right to join the transaction and sell his minority stake in the company. Tag-alongs effectively oblige the majority shareholder to include the holdings of the minority holder in the negotiations in order to facilitate the possibility that a tag-along right is exercised.


In addition to a tax deduction of 30% (only for innovative Startups and SME's) the investment in high growth companies can result in a very high profitability, which in recent years has seen an exponential growth compared to investments in other financial instruments.

diversification of the investments

As a good investor, the first step is to diversify the risk. After considered the risks and our ability and availability of investing in venture capital, you should deploy a strategy to invest in different companies, rather than focusing only in one. This process would allow you to minimize possible losses and increase the chances of success. The Dashboard in your profile, provides a great tool for this purpose.


Investments in financial instruments of non-listed Companies, consists in the acquisition of equity securities of the issuers, with the risks relating to business venture. These securities are considered illiquid, given the current inability to trade them on regulated markets.


Innovative startups can not distribute profits for all the period in which the company qualifies as innovative start-up (maximum five years from the registration), thus obliging the Start Up to reinvest for drive the growth.

Innovative and traditional SME's can distribute profits.

What is the Blog for ?

Every project has a own Blog, on which you can update your supporters and keep them notice about your project.

Can I preview my updates before publishing?

Yes you can. You can also change published posts or drop it if you like.

How do I register and log-in?

Go to the LOG-IN button and register with your email you will be asked to enter an email and password. You can also register via social networks. You will receive an email to activate the account. That’s it !

Why should I choose between Private User and Company Profile?

TIP Ventures provides different solutions to our Community Members, so in order to decide how to setup your profile, consider the following: 

PRIVATE USER registration as Private user allows you to:
  •  Invest in Companies
 COMPANY PROFILE registration as a Company allows you to:
  • Invest in Companies
  • create Equity Crowdfunding campaign for your Company.

At any time you can change your profile settings.

Which information I am going to publicly display?

Just the information you want to display. If you decide to show off a random image instead of your face a profile picture you are free to do so. TIP Ventures respects your privacy.
But please consider that if you are willing to post projects and ask for money, you should consider to publicly displaying as much information as possible, like your face, your Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin (better if you show all of them). This is really important to keep in mind at the time of posting a project.Some features could require additional information.

What are my profile’s updates?

It’s a kind of personal blog, on which you can update the Community about your projects.

What is the Dashboard?

Dashboard is an important tool that shows you how you are contributing to other projects and how your projects are going.You can use Dashboard to follow your incomings and outgoings anda have a regular balance of your activity into TIP Ventures.

How do I manage my projects?

You can easily manage your projects from your Dashboard. There you will see old, active and deleted projects.

How should I choose my name?

The community it's totally based on trust and reliability of users, so please choose a name that clearly represents you.

Can I change or remove my email address?

You can't remove your email address, but you can change it. Please remember that your e-mail address will be always used as your login name, so if you change it you will use the new one to login. It's required, since you must be available for contacts at any time.

Is the location mandatory?

No, it's not. But we suggest you to provide it, since it's something that may help your projects to grow faster and better.

How to choose the right project title?

Pick it short and easy to remember. Project title should be clear and meaningful, attractive and cool.

What's the project URL?

Project URL is the real path to your project, and we generate it automatically from the project name, in order to make sure it's unique. 

Edit public project

You can edit videos, images and decriptions in a publicated project by click the botton in the "Dashboard".

Edit projects in authorization process

While projects are set in authorization process, you can still edit all information. 
First you must "delete" your publication request into project's "Dashboard". 
After editing, remember to publish the project again, by click "publish".

How to choose the right description?

Your Project's claim, vision and mission. Keep it short and direct to engage people.

What is the maximum project duration?

Tip Ventures allows projects to stand for maximum 60/90 days; this is an estimated time for equity based crowdfunding projects to be successful. Shorter time for campaigns makes feel investors more comfortable, because they see their money is not stuck for a long time.

Why a minimum and maximum goal?

Because this is helpful for you in order to make your project interesting and attractive.
As soon as your reach your minimum goal as much possibilities you earn on get funded, and going overfunded could be the best advertising ever.

What is the Dashboard?

Dashboard is an important tool that shows you how you are contributing to other projects and how your projects are going.You can use Dashboard to follow your incomings and outgoings anda have a regular balance of your activity into TIP Ventures.