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How to create a campaign?

To launch a campaign, you must be sure to follow our guidelines.
Our goal is to create a community that is helpful to people with good ideas so that they can achieve, to do this we need a few simple rules: Only Startup or innovative SMEs, regularly inserted in the special section of the Register of Companies.
The funding goal cannot be more than 5 million €

Why is it important to choose Tip Equity?

Tip Equity offers free assistance in the preparation and launch of your campaign, we will receive a fee of 5%, ONLY if your project is successful and reach your goal.
The platform offers you many useful tools for the management of the campaign.
The activity of Tip Ventures, also includes the management of a Reward Crowdfunding platform, populated by supporters of innovation and early adopters.
We are an entity supervised by Consob and this is a guarantee for all.

Make things happen.

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