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What is Tip Equity?

Tip Equity is the Equity based Crowdfunding platform of Tip Ventures, the only Crowdfunding platform that allows you to choose the way you reward your supporters. Depending on the project, you can reward your supporters in two ways: Reward or Equity. It is a process of raising working capital that allows you to fund your startiup in exchange for equity shares of teh company. Only Innovative Startup and SMEs may use equity crowdfunding, no matter their productive sector. The value (and category) of the shares will be decide by, at a fixed price.

Why is important to partecipate?

Through the use of this tool, reserved to Innovative Startup or SME's, is possible to raise venture capital in exchange for equity shares in the company's capital. Addressed at those companies that have already validated its business model, generating revenues, and are in a growth stage which requires private working capital. Investors become shareholders of the company, and have a tax benefit, which varies according to the nature of investment. This is the perfect way to finance your early stage startup, finding partners and Angel Investors

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